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gardening Tools

We have the best tools and accessories for ease of gardening and other activities.

Exotic Plants

Our nursery is specifically built to keep a large collection of exotic plants.

Tourist Destination

The garden is a great place for tourism and many other educational purposes.

Meet the team

Who we are

Professor Fatima Batul Mukhtar


The President and founder of Kano Botanic Garden, Professor Fatima Batul Mukhtar is an academic, educator, publisher, and an accomplished University administrator. She served as the 2nd Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Dutse from 2016–2021 and is the first female Vice-Chancellor from the North-West geo-political zone of Nigeria. Fatima Batul Mukhtar is a professor of Botany with specialization in plant physiology. Her additional areas of interest include biostatistics, horticulture, agricultural biotechnology and food security.

frequently asked questions

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Feel free to give us a call080-3066-0251

Do you have plants for sale?

Yes! we do have quite a large range of plants you can buy anytime from us.

How do I get in touch?

You can give us a call, email us or visit our garden anytime.

How do I buy your products?

You can either visit the garden or visit our online store by clicking the button below.

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