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The Garden has achieved so much of its objectives in its 14 years of establishment

The Garden has in its collection different classes of plants; aquatic plants, pteridophytes (ferns), gymnosperms (conifers, cycas, pinus, thuja,), angiosperms with mainly indigenous trees and shrubs, medicinal herbs and some exotic trees and flowers, desert plants, cacti and other succulent plants. This makes it ideal for students learning and training

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We offers consultancy services and training in the establishment, rehabilitation, extension transfer and management of woodlots, forest reserves, public aquaria and general resuscitation of over exhausted soils.

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The Garden also provides landscaping services to individuals, organisations & Government agencies, as well as offer tips and advice on plants. Garden maintenance including mowing, pruning and related professional services.

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Plant Sales

The nursery in the garden has a large collection of indigenous, exotic and succulent plants, flower pots, ferterlizer, ridge & hoe, seeds, thermostarts, and many other gardening tools/accessories for sale.

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Public enlightenment

The education unit conducts various programs for teachers, students and the general public such as; Seminars, workshops and talks covering different subjects such as; plants in ethno medicine.

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Kano Botanic Garden aims to awake public interest in plants and gardens through environmental education while conserving our existing flora and introducing new species. We also aim to demonstrate the significant role plants can play in biodiversity, environmental conservation, ethnobotany and in the educational and social advancement through outreach greening programmes, gardening and conservation projects.



Kano Botanic Garden vision is to change the society's perception of plants so that they will be regarded with greater value while boosting tourism and ecotourism.

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